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Réseau européen des hommes proféministes
European Network of Profeminist Men
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Violence Begins at Home is an independent documentary film project about domestic violence.  It focuses on the stories of participants who have witnessed violence in their homes as children -- and who have decided not to continue the cycle of violence in their own lives and families.


  The White Ribbon Campaign
The EuroWRC - TheWhite Ribbon Campaign in Europe (Daphne Project)
The WRC Canada 
The WRC Finland

The WRC Austria
The WRC Sevilla
Fundación Mujeres

EuroPRO-Fem (menprofeminist)
Brasil: “Campanha do Laço Branco” (The White Ribbon Campaign in Brasil)  www.lacobranco.org  

  Links related to men and violence.xls

Daphne Initiative Directorate General for Justice and Home Affairs

  European womens issues -- http://women-www.uia.ac.be/women   
  Nordic countries -- http://www.nikk.uio.no/index_e.html   
Nordic Institute for Women´s Studies and Gender Research   

Central and Eastern Europe -- http://www.ceu.hu/gend/gendir.html    


  Web-Site for violent men: http://www.4uman.info/hallo/eurowrc_link.html  
As many men communicate more easily with computers than with their wives, a website could be the media to/
* raise awareness for all forms of abuse,
* give men an idea of the dangers of domestic violence
* encourage them to seek professional help for themselves or for their clients

   V-Day Men is a committee of V-Day, which is a project of The Tides Center, a nonprofit public charity. A copy of The Tides Center's annual report to the attorney general of New York is available upon request from The Tides Center, P.O. Box 29907, San Francisco, CA 94129 or from the New York State Department of Law, 120 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10271. Lists of all nonaffiliated organizations that have received contributions from V-Day in the past twelve months are available from V-Day on request at 77 West 15th Street, Suite 6L, New York, NY 10011.  http://www.feminist.com/vday/html/upcoming/vdaymen.htm 

  WomenWatch website: http://www.un.org/womenwatch/ 
Janice Brodman Director Center for Innovative Technologies
  EDC  <jbrodman@edc.org>

  Nonviolent Alternatives
Terry Moore is a recovering addict with over 15 years clean and sober and is also a recovering batterer. Nonviolent Alternatives; Domestic Violence Counseling, Training and Consulting. Teaching alternatives to the use of physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation, anger, and other forms of violence in relationships. http://www.nonviolentalternatives.com/
504 South Harrison Street, Shelbyville, Indiana 46176
Phone 317.392.2060 Fax 317-392-4409
Nonviolent Alternatives is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention Training, Inc. 

  DANIEL JAY SONKIN.  multi-level explanations and interventions that take into account the complex societal, subcultural, familial, psychological and physiological forces affecting our lives


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  Some links to international organisations


Domestic violence and homelesness 
Domestic Violence Fact Sheet http://www.datehookup.com/content-domestic-violence-fact-sheet.htm 
Approximately half of all homeless women are believed to be domestic violence victims, based on self-reporting and observations of program staffs. Regional Task Force on the Homeless 3989 Ruffin Road San Diego, CA 92123  (858) 694-8722  Fax: (858) 694-8723 http://www.co.san-diego.ca.us/rtfh/victims.html


Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women



DVIRC is a statewide service in Victoria, Australia. DVIRC aims to reduce and prevent family violence by providing education to improve service and policy responses, and by assisting people who have experienced abuse.



Information of victims’ assistance organizations by country
United Nations - Office on drugs and crime



International Victimology Website (IVW)

Promoting use and application of the United Nations Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power



Legislationline is an internet-based free-of-charge legislative database published and maintained by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.



The world's largest web site on human sexuality



Work Place  

AVFT  http://www.avftfrance.org/ AVFT is an independent international feminist organization that defends the rights and integrity of women.  Founded in 1985, AVFT began the movement in France to stop sexual harassment and raise public awareness of violence against women. 

Domestic Violence: a work place issue http://www.dol.gov/dol/wb/public/wb_pubs/domestic.htm 

Working Partners is a consultation and training firm working with businesses to secure the safety of all employees, and to provide an awareness of domestic violence in the workplace while offering compassionate solutions. When Domestic Violence Comes to Work” can help get your business on the right track towards maintaining the safety of your employees. http://www8.bcity.com/workingpartners/ 

Workplace Violence Prevention Through Education provides personal safety education to individuals, schools, hospitals, businesses, and corporations. Services include specialized training programs and ongoing technical assistance. http://www.work-place-violence.org/violencehome.htm 

Domestic Violence and Women's Employment: how the violence women experience affects them as workers. When one compares respondents' reports of abuse and selected family and personal characteristics, including labor force participation variables, it appears that younger women are more at risk than older women, as are mothers of young children. Education and training seem not to predict risk, and the evidence about the influence of marital status and household income is mixed... http://www.nwu.edu/IPR/publications/nupr/nuprv03n1/lloyd.html  

A nice selection by achilles HELL :
radical men's magazine: http://www.achillesheel.freeuk.com/ 


Men for Change Network, UK   www.achillesheel.freeuk.com/men4change.html 
The aim of the Men for Change Network is to help men get in touch with other men in order to join or form local groups and networks.

UK Male Health     www.malehealth.co.uk 
A UK Government-sponsored site on men's health targetting 'ordinary men of all ages'.

UK Men's Health Forum
A UK Government-sponsored site aimed at people working on men's health issues.

Working With Men
WWM is a not-for-profit organisation that applies alone and with other organisations for grants from charitable trusts; is invited to carry out major reviews and developmental work for statutory organisations; uses it own reserves to research and develop areas of work thought to be of importance (but that funders are not interested in).

Survivors UK
For over ten years, Survivors UK has been offering help and support to adult male victims of sexual abuse and rape. "We want to dispel the myths by showing that it can happen to any male and has an effect, not only on the individual but also on those who share his life."

Menswork by Steve Banks
Steve has been involved with menswork since 1993, including working for Achilles Heel. His site has an article about the Wild Dance Events "Men's Rites of Passage" workshop, and information about men's groups Steve is running in London.

Wild Dance Events
Wild Dance Events offers menswork in the mytho-poetic tradition, also women's and mixed events. Retreats and talks with Robert Bly, Michael Mead, Malidoma and Sobonfu Some, Martin Prechtel, Robert Moore and others.

Survivors Swindon
Run by male Survivors for Survivors, they offer Survivors groupwork, a telephone helpline and also offer training to agencies.

Bristol Area Men's Network
The aim of the network, established in 1996, is to support men who are working with change and their own development at both personal and professional levels. It meets regularly and is open to any man.

Developing holistic community. Running workshops in Totnes and Exeter in Devon and Barcelona, NE Spain. See also the article in Achilles Heel issue 20, Creative Community.



Voice of Men
Men only. "Through our relationship with other men, we can let down some of the sexual and societal barriers that we face in our relationships with women and with the world at large. Men and women often define themselves in terms of each other. The intent is that here, men can aid one another in defining themselves in terms of themselves."

"The list's purpose is to: Promote dialogue and networking among men and women concerned with gender justice and the elimination of sexism and gender inequalities; Circulate information on new initiatives, research and resources; Encourage and support men's efforts at positive personal and social change, and provide a virtual community to men (and women) who may feel isolated in their political efforts and/or their personal realisations and struggles."

For men who wish to explore creative, positive ways of being masculine and encourage other men in their good efforts through friendship.

Men's Studies Discussion Group
Exists to facilitate informal discussion of men's issues and men's studies. Not aligned with any specific methodology or ideology. Seeks to promote intelligent (and civil) discussion of these issues from academics and non-academics alike.



Men's Bibliography   

The Warrior Soul Resource Centre
"An attempt by one man who is deeply interested in these issues to provide some information and resource for his brothers. This place is intended to be a source of information relating to men and the issues that confront us. The main goal is to build up men."

CTI Centre for Geography, Geology and Meteorology: Geography of Gender

National Men's Resource Centre
"Man's inherent nature is to be curious, gentle, intimate, responsible, enthusiastic, sensual, tolerant, courageous, honest, vulnerable, affectionate, proud, spiritual, committed, wild, nurturing, peaceful, helpful, intense, compassionate, happy, and to fully and safely express all emotions. When will we stop training him to be otherwise?"

Masculinity and Representation
A collection of essays, articles, bibliographies, syllabi and links on masculinity, culture and the media.

The Mens Center
"Our mission is to assist men in finding male positive resources, information, and support. Created especially for men but women and children are welcome! We are a non-profit educational service of The Men's Resource Network."

Ending Men's Violence CITEBASETM
provides phrasing and reference information to increase the credibility of ending men's violence activists with news media and public officials.

Men's Page Index : at vix.com

The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity
Believes traditional gender roles are restrictive in nature and have led to negative consequences, harmful activities, and unhealthy interactions for many individuals in society. It endevours to erode the constrictive definitions of masculinity which have inhibited men's development, reduced men's capacity to form meaningful relationships, and contributed to the oppression of others.

Men Against Pornography
Quitting Pornography : Men Speak out about How they did it and Why. An on-line anthology.

The Definitive Penis Size Survey
For millennia, men the world over have been obsessed with penis size. Sly jokes, furtive glances in the locker room and wildly exaggerated claims of endowment convincingly suggest that "penis envy" is a decidedly male trait. Now, from the hinterland of Canada, a nerdy, pseudo-science minded individual invites you to participate in "The Definitive Penis Size Survey" which boldly dares to address the following perplexing questions: what precisely is an "average" penis size? can penis size be correlated with any other attribute? are certain ethnic/racial groups more endowed than others? to what extent are men dissatisfied with their size?

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Lasting Effects, and Resources

Interview with Michael Kimmel
Author of 'Manhood in America'. "I think the women's movement has been one of the most powerful movements of our time and it certainly offers enormous possibilities for men as well as women. In part, the argument that I make in my book is that men are terrified of feminism because they are afraid they will lose their ability to prove their manhood. But I believe that feminism offers men enormous possibilities to become more nurturing and caring fathers, friends, partners. One of the writers that I found in my research wrote the following line in 1913, when he decided that he wanted to support women's suffrage and support feminism. 'Feminism will make it possible for the first time for men to be free.'"



The MANual - the complete man's guide to life : by Mick Cooper & Peter Baker

Healing the Male Psyche: Therapy as Initiation : by John Rowan

Books for Men : Listings and Reviews index


Magazines & e-zines

XY Magazine
"Men and masculinity are under the public spotlight in Australia. And more men than ever before are asking what it means to be a man. We are wrestling with fatherhood, health, violence, relationships, sexuality and a hundred other issues."

Merge, a feminist 'zine from Chicago.
"...to heighten awareness, particularly with media images, of the depiction of women, and sexuality ... a place where both women and men have a voice ... to foster discussion, especially between men and women."

The Backlash!
"Our ultimate purpose here is not to promote a return to patriarchy or any notion of male (or female) supremacy, but [...] to encourage the evolution of a society that does not stereotype or force roles onto individuals on the basis of their race or sex, but accords the same legal and social rights and responsibilities to everybody."

Publishes articles that are on the cutting edge of current thinking, promoting creativity, ecology, spirituality and frugality.

'The Inclusive Vision of Gender Equality'

'An interdisciplinary journal of art and cultural studies, addressing critical issues in contemporary institutions and practices.'

M.E.N. (on-line) Magazine and Men's Voices quarterly.

'The Lifestyle Magazine for Today's Father'. A glossy which started publishing bimonthly in the US in July/August 2000


Fathers & Sons

Center for Successful Fathering
"Promoting the benefits of involved dads"

Meaning : On-Line Boys Magazine :
'A non-profit publication dedicated to providing Australian boys with stuff to read. While girls in our country have plenty of suitable fictional and non-fictional literature coming their way, it has been identified that one of the reasons many boys may fall behind in the area of literacy is a lack of material which they want to (or think they should) read, this happening at an age when they decide ultimately how easy it will be to develop these skills of communication which are becoming increasingly important. "Most males experience isolation in adolescence. They don't have the language to communicate their feelings".

Parental Equality:
"Is a shared parenting and Joint Custody support group based in Ireland. We are a voluntary self-help support for both men and women, promoting equal treatment for men and women as parents."

Dads and Daughters non-profit organisation.
'Our mission: DADs provides tools to strengthen our relationships with our daughters and transform the pervasive messages that value our daughters more for how they look than who they are.'

UK Men & Father's Rights Home Page
With a focus on discrimination against men it may not be an obvious Achilles Heel link. However it provides useful background reading and details of organisations.

Fathers World web-ring
A list of 60+ varied sites.


Feminist Sites

Marit Synnevåg's (Norwegian) Feminist Site
With many fascinating links and much english content.

Body Politic
"An independent forum to chart the progress of changes in social, political and sexual attitudes and manners whilst encouraging and celebrating the enjoyment of active engagements between women and men."

Feminists against Censorship
"Formed in 1989 by a group of long-time feminist academics and campaigners who wished to fight censorship from a feminist perspective. In the intervening years, we have been joined by younger women, including those in other professions, such as computer programming, photography, secretarial work, law, and the sex industry."

A Woman's List of Political Bookmarks
Comprehensive and categorised.

Nikki Craft's challenges to the Men's movement.

Links for Men on Colleen's Feminist Home Page



The Men's Rape Prevention Project
MRPP works to prevent rape and other forms of male violence through community education, consulting, research & public action. They support men by providing them with the resources and opportunities to challenge themselves and others to end sexual violence. They believe that rape is a choice men make to exert power over others and is, therefore, a men's issue.

Alternative Antisexist
A european mixed group of students against sexism

The Pastoral Company
Australian Colin Thornby's exploration of what it means to be a man.

Norwegian Men's Forum
Velkommen ti Mannsforum. Vi har samlet det meste av norke mannsressureser på nett under en paraply. Her finner du informasjon om og pekere til det meste av mannsressurser på internett. "These page will provide you with gateways to most of norwegian internet resource on the male gender."

Hero magazine looks at what it is to be gay, but also looks at what it is to be human and what it is to be a man. It believes in romance, family and spirituality without being preachy and provides a gay sensibility on a variety of topics.

National Organization Against Sexism (US)

Manhood Online : in Australia

Men's Network For Change Canada

Men for Change
Halifax - Nova Scotia