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London Family Court Clinic

Marlies Sudermann
Peter Jaffe
Co-Principal Investigators

Elaine Schieck

Lynn Watson
Peter Lehmann
Grace Greer
Research Co-ordinators

Revised (1996) Edition
London Family Court Clinic

The revised edition of A School-based Anti-violence Program (ASAP) was sponsored by Ontario Hydro Corporate Program and the London Free Press C.A.R.E. Connection. We also gratefully acknowledge Health Canada for funding the first edition through the Family Violence Prevention Division.

A.S.A.P. is a complete resource package to get you and your school started on violence prevention, and to support system-wide implementation. A special focus of this manual is on violence in relationships. First published in 1993, A.S.A.P. was significantly revised and updated in 1996.

New in This Edition...

  • New Teacher Resource Section on Media Violence, Bullying, and Dating Violence and Sexual Harassment

  • Updated and enlarged Resource Section

  • Updated Statistics

  • New chapter on Diversity Issues

  • New listings of catalogues and resource lists

A.S.A.P. Will Help You To...

  • mobilize support, build enthusiasm from teachers, students, parents, trustees and administration for violence prevention initiatives

  • get started with small steps, such as awareness sessions for students and teachers

  • deal with disclosures

  • develop a comprehensive plan for violence prevention, including policies and curriculum integration

  • access video, theatre, and curriculum resources by grade level through an extensive list of resources

  • develop pro-active, preventative school responses to violence


A. Why Schools Need to be Involved in Ending Violence and Promoting Equality

  • Overview of Violence in Society

  • Focus on Violence in Relationships and Violence Against Women

  • Education as a Partner

B. Who Should be Involved and How to get Commitment

  • Trustees / Administrators

  • Teachers

  • School Support Staff

  • Students

  • Parents

  • Community

  • Survivors / Victims

C. Awareness and Professional Development Sessions on Violence in Relationships

  • Awareness Sessions for School Personnel

  • Basic Awareness

    • Components and Resources

    • Handling Personal Issues

  • Professional Development: An Ongoing Effort

  • Awareness / Information Sessions for Parents

D. A Safe School Climate and Zero Tolerance of Violence

  • A Safe School Climate

  • What is Zero Tolerance of Violence?

E. Elementary School Strategies for Violence Prevention

  • Issues to Address

    • Naming the Violence

    • Understanding the Cause of Violence

    • Intervening Effectively in Violent or Abusive Situations at School

    • Intervening on Behalf of Children who Witness Violence at Home

    • Developing Strategies to End the Violence and Offering Children Alternative Attitudes and Behaviours

      • Violence Awareness Events

      • Curriculum Integration

      • Special Programs for High Risk Students

F. Secondary School Strategies for Violence Prevention

  • Issues to Address

    • Naming the Violence

    • Understanding the Cause of Violence

    • Implementing Clear Guidelines for Intervening in Abusive Relationships and Violent Situations

    • Handling Disclosures of Violence in Family and Dating Relationships

    • Developing Strategies to End the Violence and Offering Children Alternative Attitudes and Behaviours

      • School Climate - Secondary School Issues

      • Special Violence Awareness Events for Students

      • Curriculum Integration

G. Handling Student Disclosures of Witnessing Violence at Home

  • School Response to Child Witnesses

    • Awareness of Witnessing Violence: Effects on Children

    • Developing a School or Board Protocol

    • Links with the Community

    • Written Information for Parents

    • School Policy on Access to Children

    • Support for Teachers

H. Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them

  • Handling Resistance

  • Issues

    • Male Defensiveness

    • Insufficient Resources

    • Relevance

    • Parent Responses

    • Student Disclosures

    • Personal Experiences

I. Diversity Issues

  • Ethnocultural Issues and Racism: New Canadians

  • Resources for Schools in the Immigration Experience and Biculturalism

  • Anti-Violence Programs and Diversity Issues

  • Aboriginal Issues

J. Evaluation

K. Putting it All Together: Developing an Action Plan

L. Video Resources

  • Quick Guide to Video Resources

  • Video Resources

M. Curricular Resources

  • Quick Guide to Curriculum Resources

  • Curriculum-Based Manuals for Teachers

  • Groups Work for Youth with Special Needs

  • Additional Violence Prevention Resources

    • Resource Catalogues

    • Additional Resource Lists

  • Plays and Theatrical Resources

N. Appendix

  • Discussion Guides

    • Facilitator's Guide to Issue-Related Questions

    • Discussion Questions for Adolescent Students

  • Evaluation Forms

    • Group Facilitator's Feedback Forms

    • Student Feedback Forms

    • Taking Stock for Students, Teachers and Parents

    • Teacher Experiences with Violence Prevention

    • The London Family Court Clinic Questionnaire on Violence in Intimate Relationships

  • Sample Brochure

O. References
P. Teacher Resource Package on Media Violence and Gender Equity in the Media
Q. Teacher Resource Package on Dating Violence and Sexual Harassment
R. Teacher Resource Package on Bullying

A School-based Anti-violence Program (A.S.A.P.) is available from the London Family Court Clinic. Prices vary depending on which components are required. The full package including video and 65 Friendly Lessons on Violence Prevention may be ordered for $150.00 (CDN) plus postage. For information on how to order this or any other publication from the London Family Court Clinic, contact the publications clerk.


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