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Men – equality and welfare -Nordic conference on men, masculinities and gender equality SAS Radisson Hotel Scandinavia, Oslo, Tuesday 6. February 2007, 9.30 am – 15.30 pmNordic Council of Ministers and Ministry of Children and Equality are inviting Nordic politicians and other decision makers from state level and municipalities, and from working life organisations, to attend this conference. The aim of the conference is:  1. A sum up of five years of Nordic cooperation on men, masculinities and gender equality 2. To discuss what now, looking forward, sending recommendations to Nordic governments, municipalities and working life about what male policy ought to be in the years to come.

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Report on Namibian Men's Conference - Feb.2000 

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European feminist research conference in Sweden 2003  
Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research www.genus.gu.se  
UNESCO Conference on INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION 15-18 June 2003 in Jyvaskyla, FINLAND: Theme: Teaching and Learning for Intercultural Understanding, Human Rights and a Culture of Peace  http://www.jyu.fi/ktl/unesco2003/conference.htm 

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Conference Vienna 2002 
10th Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution (ICR)
Women's Worlds conference - UGANDA 2002  
Call for papers-posters-exhibitions for Women's Worlds, 2002
La troisième conférence de la francophonie féministe aura lieu à Toulouse en Juin 2002, 
et nous organiserons aussi des séances sur les hommes et le
Montreal - May - Mai 2002  -  6th World Conference:
Injuries, Suicide and Violence: Building Knowledge, Policies and Practices to Promote a Safer World
Traumatismes, suicide et violence: Construire un savoir, des politiques et des pratiques pour promouvoir un monde en sécurité. www.trauma2002.com  
Male violence as a societal problem- Sweden, 1-3 February 2002 
Sydney Feb. 02 - Understanding the Complexities of violence against women

Events in 2000-2001 (see documents, links, contacts)